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HSAB’s latest model of a SRC Cutting Head will be demonstrated in China

The first cutting head of the new model HSAB MKV – for harvesting Short Rotaton Coppice with self propelled forage harvesters – has been delivered to China for demonstration on a John Deere 8000 series.

The HSAB MKV will handle a wide range of harvesting conditions from thick growth in 2nd or later rotations, obstacle rich fields, neglected and marginal stands, single and twin rows. , reliably and with less maintenance, The HSAB MKV is a truly “snap-on” head; allowing to harvest maize in the morning and SRC in the afternoon!

The HSAB MKV is manufactured in Sweden and the Chinese export campaign is partly financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.



HSAB Head MKV on a John Deere 8000 series:

HSAB head MKIV on a John Deere 7000 series: