HSAB is your complete partner
for biomass energy

From the knowledge of planting and harvesting salix, to the machinery to turn it into a commercial success
HSAB has three decades of practical experience, making it a leading player in Europe’s salix industry

Henriksson Salix AB

Henriksson Salix AB (HSAB), is a Swedish family enterprise specialising in Salix (willow) production as a biomass fuel. The company was established in 1991 and has a proud history of participation in the development of the commercial salix industry from the very beginning.

Our speciality is in the design and manufacture of equipment to plant and harvest Short Rotation Coppice (SRC), as a biofuel. This covers willow, poplar as well as eucalyptus and other tree species capable of successful regrowth after coppicing. Combined with sales and other technical developments, HSAB is a market leader in SRC production.

The base for HSAB’s knowledge comes from several generations of Swedish family farming, university training, overseas assignments and a long working experience from within a variety of agricultural fields.

Welcome to our world of biomass energy.