HSAB offers

machinery for SRC

planting & harvesting

From the harvest of cuttings for plantation projects,

to the machinery to chip or billet. HSAB can turn

even marginal land into a viable biomass enterprise...


Drawing on decades of first hand experience with SRC planting and harvesting, HSAB has developed a suite of machines capable of meeting the most demanding of conditions.

The development of the HSAB SRC Chip Head, has been an ongoing collaboration between the Swedish Energy Agency and the major makers of Self Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH's). The latest version of our chip harvester, the MKV, is compatible with SPFH's from Claas, John Deere and Krone.

And, with the adaptation of an industry tried and tested harvester, HSAB have opened the door on new possibilities for SRC harvesting and planting. Combined with the HSAB Planter, our machines cut the cost of planting large scale commercial Salix and poplar plantations - in half!



HSAB manufacture three SRC machines in Sweden. We are always open to visits, where we can discuss your needs more directly, whilst you visit our facilities, test fields and working plantations. As a customer of our products, you will benefit from our personal service that includes training on your equipment. Our after sales service is equally personalised...

In the meantime, please click on any of the machines here to learn more...

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